Blue Screens or another issue?

It’s completely normal to have Windows issues, let Tec Team take the stress away. We offer free diagnostics for all issues, however we must stress that during the diagnostic process we may fix the issue. We are not in the business of breaking anything so in these instances there will likely be a fee. Our vast experience in finding the most elusive and frustrating Windows issues means you needn’t be without your computer for too long.

What happens to my data and settings?

If we find Windows is not fixable and there are no hardware faults we might need to recommend a complete reinstallation. Your data (pictures, documents etc.) is our first priority, however it is likely that you will lose your programs (printer software, web browsers, Microsoft Office etc.).


Is it the updates that break my computer.

It’s a very common mis-conception that Windows updates can cause issues with your computer. There is some truth to this but it’s our believe that keeping your computer up to date has more benefits. In fact if an update breaks your computer its likely that the issue was there prior to the update being installed. Updates are important for the security and stability of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • Errors

    Not always a software issue

  • Fast

    Most fixes done in 24 Hours

  • Security

    We will check Windows Security

Hardware and Software problems in Windows


Updates, upgrades to any software on your Windows computer can create issues. Small issues can go unnoticed perhaps taking a hit on your computers overall performance or even its storage, after a while lots of these issues can start to become a drama. Drivers instruct in software what your hardware is and are often a culprit. Our expertise is at hand to make a fix quickly without too much stress to our customers.


Having an intermittent hardware failure can really be hard to diagnose. Thankfully our experience and our logical diagnostic techniques is to our customers greatest benefit. Once we find the failed or failing hardware we offer a no obligation quote to replace the part(s) and get your computer back to you as soon as possible. We have always aimed to install replacement parts with in 24 hours of delivery if not in stock. 

Is it something I'm doing wrong?

Often Windows issues are created by users. Here is a list of things to avoid.

  • Cleaning software

  • Driver finders

  • Bloat-ware

  • Coupon-ware

  • Too many security programs

How much will it cost?

This is impossible to say as every issue is different, however our engineer fee is fixed no matter how long it takes.

Will I get all my data?

Your data should not be at risk unless you have a storage hardware fault, backing up important data should always be a priority.

I need my computer quick, what can you do?

We often fix these issues the same day, or even when its dropped off during our triage.


Your local technology experts, we pride ourselves on a fast, effective and economical solution to any IT issues you might have.

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