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Website Audit

Looking for an in depth website audit?

Are you looking to improve your online marketing strategy but you’re not entirely sure where to start?

Our online audit will provide you with the brutal facts; what’s working, what’s not and where we see room for improvement.

These are things that will make a difference to your business instantly and steadily over time to deliver more results that will make you smile more.

Why should you ask Tec Team in Plymouth?

If someone said to you, ‘Ask me how I can make more money next month and I’ll tell you for free’, is that a question you would ask or not?

We’re offering a free report to give you the insight you need to improve your business. All we ask in return is that you consider us for any improvements you may need as a result.

Once we’re working together, we will do much more in-depth analysis but our free service is extremely worthwhile, there’s no risk or investment and afterwards, you can be the judge of how much value it contains. In our experience, you’ll be pleased with the results.

We’re search and conversion experts, with lots of happy profitable clients across multi-sectors. Which means we’ve gained knowledge and insight into what works (and what doesn’t).

To be honest, it won’t take us long to assess how well you’re doing (or not) and so we’re happy to take a look and start from there.

Why not get started by emailing us, using the form on the right or simply giving us a call. What do you have to lose?

What’s happening under your bonnet?

Think of it like a service or an MOT on your website. Our team will take a look at your overall performance online, taking into account,

  • Keyword research and competitor research
  • Usability and conversion performance
  • Google analytics insight
  • SEO performance and Google Ranking
  • PPC audit
  • Social Media

From this, we’ll talk you through what we’ve found along with what we think can be achieved to generate business winning results.

Even if it’s working well for you now, our team would love to share some Ph. ‘best practice’ that helps our clients stay ahead of their competitors and improves their bottom line.

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