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Welcome to Tec Team's Certified Pre-Owned Apple Macs

At Tec Team, we believe that premium technology should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a curated selection of Certified Pre-Owned Apple Macs. Each Mac has been meticulously inspected and restored to meet our high standards, ensuring you get the quality and performance you expect from Apple, at a fraction of the price.

Why Choose Our Pre-Owned Macs?


  • Quality Assurance: Every Mac undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process to ensure it meets Apple’s and our high standards. From battery performance to screen clarity, we check everything to guarantee your Mac is as good as new where possible.
  • Half-Price Upgrades: Enhance your Mac experience without breaking the bank. We offer half-price upgrades on RAM, storage, and more, so you can customize your Mac to suit your needs and budget.
  • Trade-In Credit: Ready for an upgrade? Trade in your old device and receive credit towards your next purchase with us. It’s a sustainable choice that’s good for your wallet and the planet.
  • 6-Month Warranty: Peace of mind comes standard with every purchase. Our 6-month warranty covers any operational defects, giving you confidence in your investment.

Moving to a new Mac?

We can do all the hard work for you, normally something missed is software compatibility, expert advice is here for you.

After Sales Support?

Become a VIP, we offer discounts on all our services if you have purchased a used Mac from us, for the life of the Mac.

Finding the Right Used Mac?

Our stock changes daily. We recommend coming in or at the very least speaking to us over the phone. 

Are you authorised Apple Refurbished Reseller?

Apple and Authorised Resellers have prices that we feel make owning or buying a used Mac untenable. At Tec Team we are proud to say No we are not authorised.

Are the Macs Genuine?

Yes, the Macs are normally trade-ins from our customer base, or repaired Macs that the previous customer did not want to repair.

Warranty Cover?

The law in the UK is clear, a 3 month warranty is the minimum. Tec Team offer 6 month warranty.


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