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Tec Team Mega Monday £10 off everything – Like Us On Facebook

Tec Team Mega Monday £10 off everything – Like Us On Facebook

£10 Off Anything we do – Thats all our services

On Monday 6th August Tec Team is holding a special deal for all customers that have become part of the Facebook community. There is a £10 discount on all services we offer, this includes everything from buying a new HP laptop to getting a well deserved service to help your machines performance. Please join this event if you would like to utilise this offer and would like to know more on what you could save money on. You can like us on Facebook by clicking on our Facebook page link.

The event link is here

All You Need To Do Is Like Us On Facebook

Save money on your repairs you can drop off your computer today at Computer Accessories Computer Shop, Moorland Road, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 2BH. Open 6 Days a week. Alternatively you can bring it directly to our work shop just off Ebrington St, Tec Team Ltd, The Studio, Unit 2 19 Trafalgar Street, Charles Cross, Plymouth. PL4 9AE open five days a week. We also have ample parking.

Tec Team Plymouth are a customer focused IT solutions provider and offer an onsite service for business and residential clients in Plymouth & surrounding areas. We also have computer drop off points in Plymouth and Plympton.

Our goal is to provide you with a professional computer repairs service for business and home users from a company you can trust to provide you with an affordable, friendly local computer repair service with a professional approach to business.

Call Tec Team Plymouth to assist you with any computer related issues; from new installations, Hardware and Software upgrades, Data recovery, Virus and Malware removal and much more.

Is your computer refusing to boot up, running slow, shutting down, non responsive or failing to connect to the internet? Don’t despair – Tec Team Ltd will be there! Call 01752 651143 to book an appointment. Tec Team Ltd offers a competitive, out of hours mobile computer repair service throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Our web design process is focussed on achieving a return on investment for our clients. We do this by taking the time to understand your target audience, what motivates them to search you out and what they want from your website.
Our creative team will take the time to understand your business requirements, we call this the magic wand phase – If we could wave a magic wand, what would your new website do for you?

Your input is crucial. Using your expertise of your industry combined with our web design and internet marketing expertise we are then able to apply our formula to your business and design ‘sales and marketing’ path within the framework and structure of your website.

Your website is not a billboard – filled with content and then forgotten. The important thing is that your website directly reflects your business and is as up-to-date as possible.

Bullguard Internet Security Offer

One of the biggest fears among computer users is being infected by a computer virus or program designed to destroy their personal data. Viruses are malicious software programs that have been designed by other computer users to cause destruction and havoc on a computer and spread themselves to other computers where they can repeat the process. Once the virus is made, it is often distributed through shareware, pirated software, e-mail, P2P programs, or other programs where users share data. Most computer viruses are contracted today through e-mail and by downloading software over the Internet or P2P sharing. Computer users can help protect themselves against computer viruses, malware, and other computer security threats by installing an antivirus protection program.

We Can Offer an Extra £10 off our already reduced Bullguard NOW 50% normal at £25

At Tec Team recommend Bulluard Ineternet Security 12 it protects you, your computer and your family from all online threats – identity theft, credit card fraud, hackers, viruses, spyware and many more – thanks to its broad range of features covering every possibility. You will never worry about your digital safety again.

Antivirus. Vigilant. Catches all viruses.

Wish you could leave all worries behind while you’re on the Internet? Now you can! Without interrupting your work or slowing down your computer, BullGuard Antivirus detects and keeps all digital intruders out of your system. Thanks to the state-of-the-art Behavioural Detection technology, it’s always one step ahead of spyware, viruses and other malware.

Spamfilter. No spam, no scam, no hassle for you.

Hate sorting out those annoying spam messages? Let BullGuard Spamfilter keep out junk mail and e-mail scams, like phishing attempts, virus spreading and foreign language spam.

And don’t worry: it’s fully compatible with e-mail systems like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows Mail.

Safe Browsing. Explore the web in full safety.

Even websites that seem harmless can actually be dangerous, harbouring viruses, spyware and phishing attempts. But if you have BullGuard, you’re safe. Its special feature checks all the websites that come up in search results and tells you which are safe and which are best to be avoided.

Parental Control. You define where the lines are drawn.

Kids need to benefit from all the advantages the web has to offer, but they also need to be protected from its dangers. With BullGuard Parental Control you can block their access to inappropriate websites or online content, limit their time on the internet and monitor their activity.

Simply put, you don’t have to wonder what your kids may be up to while browsing the web – a few clicks is all it takes to keep an eye on their online activity and keep them out of trouble.

PC Tune Up. Your PC. Fast and clean.

Has your computer been kind of lazy lately? It’s time you had it tuned-up! It’s just as important as getting your car checked every now and again. BullGuard PC Tune UP scans your computer for any program leftovers or unnecessary files that take up a lot of space on your hard disk.

Then, it either starts cleaning your computer or lets you know what you can do to improve your system and make it run faster.

Game Mode. It’s all about winning.

Can’t get a decent game experience without shutting down your Internet Security? Maybe it’s time you had both. BullGuard Game Mode directs the resources towards the game without compromising your safety.

It makes sure you’re not interrupted by alerts, scans or updates. And you can tailor it to your needs by editing the existing game profiles and creating new ones.

Vulnerability Scanner. PCs need doctors too.

Did you know that the out-dated software on your computer makes you more vulnerable to hackers and viruses? No need to worry, though. The Vulnerability Scanner in our internet security suite checks your system for out-of-date software and finds the needed updates. All you have to do is click on the links it provides you with and you’re no longer at risk.

Backup. Precious data. Safe and sound.

Wish there was a vault where you could keep your most important data and files? Well, there is. You can use BullGuard Online Backup to store your music, photos, business documents and more.

They’re only a click away when you need to retrieve them or download them to another computer or even your phone. And you can make them update as often as you like.

Support. We’re keen to assist you.

Got a problem? Look no further! Our support team is here for you 24/7, providing expert advice that’s easy to understand and follow.

Whether you choose the e-mail service or the Live Chat, we make sure you get your answers right away so you can get on with your work.


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ezypc is now a product of Tec Team, from only £10 per month per computer you can have premium Internet Security worth £50 a year and free labour at Tec Team, meaning your PC can be serviced as many times you want. Saving £55 every time. >>FIND OUT MORE

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