The corrosive effect

Water corrosion, is first off the better of the of liquid damage, however liquids and electronic equipment are not compatible. Add a voltage and and you can see the corrosive effect start, almost like its being fast forwarded. Essentially that’s exactly what is happening, corrosion is the breakdown of material, usually metal, by a chemical reaction with its environment. The most common form of corrosion occurs with you combine metal with water and oxygen, creating iron oxide. Other minerials complicate it further (sugar, milk etc), now add a little voltage from a power source or a battery and you get an accelerated breakdown. 

What are the affects of corrosion, is it repairable? 

Deterioration happens differently depending on severity, location and quantity. We see computers corroding immediately, a few hours, or even a few days. Professional cleaning and drying as soon as possible gives the most likelihood of a positive outcome, however there is no guarantee’s. In fact if you have insurance against accidental damage then we can provide a quote for a replacement.

What to do when your computer has been exposed to liquid. 

  • 1st

    Remove power source and/or battery if possible.
    No matter, do not attempt to turn it on.

  • 2nd

    Dry what's visibly wet, whilst avoiding too much movement.
    Without full disassembly you'll never know if it's dry.

  • 3rd

    - Time is an issue, the sooner - the better, get it to us.

Myth 1

“Dry it in a warm place, add rice if you can”. 

No incorrect, especially if its not just water, drying will extend the time the computer is exposed. Any other minerals like sugars (syrup is conductive) will not just disappear when dry, in fact they will hamper cleaning.

Myth 2

“Turn it upside down, or similar movement”. 

No incorrect, liquid is not solid form is will move, therefore moving the exposure to a larger area. We advise to keep any movement to minimum unless removing any power sources. In doubt contact us.

Professional Computer Cleaning & Drying

It's important that this is done correctly.

  • We have the right tools

  • We have the correct chemicals

  • We have specialised equipment

Will I lose my data?

We know how important your data is, in the event that you do not have a backup of your data we will prioritise the cleaning of the data storage.

How long does it take to get it cleaned?

Cleaning is normally performed same day as a priority service, however drying, testing etc. may mean that you could be without your computer for a few days.

Will this fix my computer.

Although we have a good success rate with liquid damage you should be prepared that this is a last chance scenario and that they are no guarantees.


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