All types of laptops

At Tec Team we specialise in computer repair, most computers today are laptops. Common repairs include fixing issues with the operating system (Windows & MacOS), replacing DC Power Jacks, Screen replacements (many keep in stock) and fitting replacement parts. Many of these repairs are performed same day or the same day as the parts arrive.

How long will my repair take & cost?

There are many different laptops each brand has their own issues, some are easy than others to get replacement parts. Our fee’s are always the same we do FREE diagnostics followed by a FREE non obligation quote to fix the problem. We then have 3 fee categories depending on estimated time, expertise and risk. Our labour fee’s will not go over our engineer fee (our maximum fee), for example 1 hour labour costs the same as 4 hours. Our fee’s are transparent – labour plus parts. We aim to diagnose a laptop repair in our Plymouth workshop normally while you wait. You will then receive a quote and if you wish to go ahead the estimated time will be provided. We know we are the fastest in town, most repairs are done same day or the same day the parts arrive.

Is my laptop worth repairing?

We are here to support you first, if we (the experts) feel that it would not be worth you spending your money on a repair we will advise that. This is normally determined by the costs of parts, age of the laptop and the specification. We are conscientious of the environmental impact of replacing a laptop for the sake of it, however if your laptop has come to end of life we also offer FREE IT specialised recycling in house. We can then help you migrate your data to a new laptop.

  • Diagnostics

    FREE normally while you wait.

  • Quote

    Quick & FREE No Obligation quote.

  • Repair Time

    Most Repairs are done in 24 Hours .

Why Use Tec Team For Your Laptop Repairs.

Local Independent Family Run Business

By Supporting local businesses you support the local economy. It’s proven that by doing this you or people close to you will ultimately also benefit from this support. Most importantly you can expect a better level of service and support, personalised your needs.

Uniquely Repairs & Support Over Sales

Tec Team is a Repair & Support company not a computer shop but a computer repair workshop. We are not trying to sell you anything therefore we never need to meet sales targets. We are the only computer repair workshop in Plymouth and maybe even further. 

Making sure your happy with your repair.

We pride ourselves on customer service, we always listen to our customers needs. Let us meet or exceed your expectations.

  • Warranty - depend on the repair, minimum is 3 months.

  • Advice & Aftersales (repair) Support - Normally at zero cost.

  • No fix no fee guarantee - If your repair did not work 100%

  • Discounts - If you need another repair within 3 months

  • FREE recycling - Old laptops with secure data destruction

How much will it cost?

With have 3 fixed rates, rapid fix, quick fix and our engineer fee. Time wise this equals up to 5 mins, up to 20 mins and over 20 mins. We never charge by the hour in our workshop. Prices change please call to get a our current prices. You pay for time & parts if required.

What about my Data?

Unless its your laptop storage that's the problem your DATA will be safe. However you should consider a back up solution. Speak to us for advice.

When do I pay?

If you leave your laptop with us for the repair we require payment on or before collection. If you need to keep your laptop while we wait for parts then we ask for full payment in advance.


Your local technology experts, we pride ourselves on a fast, effective and economical solution to any IT issues you might have.

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