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Why use Tec Team for Mac Support

At Tec Team we have been repairing Apple computers for over 15 years, we have a resident expert who holds the prestigious title of Apple Certified Support Professional. Tec Team is no way affiliated with Apple and is therefore completely independent of Apple. Although we are not an approved repair centre we do many repairs and upgrades that Apple will & will not do. Our prices are normally a lot less too, the service & support can be quicker but they best thing about using Tec Team for all your Apple Mac Support & Repairs is that we are a local family run business.

Premium Support & Advice.

Tec Team is a trusted computer support company, the support & advice we provide is for our customers benefit first. We will check Apple repair programs & warranties to ensure you don’t pay for things that can be done at Apple for free or less. We have a wealth of experience and continue of offer a premium service for all our Mac users, including business users. 

Premium Repairs & Upgrades.

Apple make very good computers, however over time they might need some repairs or upgrades. Common repairs include screen replacements, battery replacements, drive replacements & more.

Common upgrades include HDD to SSD, increasing memory, OS and more.

  • Trusted Mac Help

    Knowledge, experience with certified staff.

  • Fast Service

    We hold many Mac parts in stock and offer a priority service.

  • Customer Trust

    We have so many great reviews of our Mac Support.

Moving to a new Mac?

We can do all the hard work for you, normally something missed is software compatibility, expert advice is here for you.

Replace or Repair/Upgrade?

We offer unbiased advice, built on knowledge and experience not sales goals or profit and it’s completely FREE to all our customers.

How can we can help?

Book your Mac in with us and see the difference.

  • Highly competitive prices.

  • Experienced Certified Staff.

  • Quick service

Are you authorised to do Apple repairs?

The only establishments that are Authorised to do Apple repairs are Apple and Authorised Apple Repair Centres. This is vital for warranty work, repair programs and even consumer law claims. The issue is Authorised Apple repair technicians can only do what they are told, many products are no longer supported, require more parts than needed or just not a supported repair/upgrade. Tec Team have the freedom of such controls. We are free to do what the user wants.

Do you use original Apple parts?

Apple do not supply parts for repair, however we have suppliers of new original parts as well as many used parts in stock. We, like many of our competitiors join the fight for Right to Repair lesiglation (like the automotive industry).

Is my repair guaranteed like Apple

The law in the UK is clear, a 3 month warranty is the minimum. Apple provide this, Tec Team offer the same plus a 12 Month labour free warranty if the repair is needed again. eg. You smash your Mac's screen, get it repaired cheaper with Tec Team and 6 months later you have another accident, you only pay for the part.


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