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Get Free Apps on iOS

Get Free Apps on iOS

Free Apple iPad & iPhone Apps

Everyone loves free, especially us at Tec Team Plymouth. When we are not busy with laptop repairs or computer repairs in Plymouth, we like to have a little play on our phones or pads. Winters approaching and before you can say “mine’s an egg nog” it will be Christmas so we will soon be blessed with cold evenings and darkness at 6pm. Time to get the apps on your device.

One Chance Only

Sometimes you can grab an absolute steal, some of the apps are only ever free once for one day so its a good thing to check for free apps daily. Now at Tec Team we deliver great web design to businesses in and around Plymouth (Devon & Cornwall), so we do recognise a good website when we see one and thats exactly what we have here.

Free App A Day

At Free App A Day you can check online to see what apps are free or on offer, The website changes daily, as you can see above you can also Download their Free App.

Space Race

Don’t forget if you are running low on space on your device Tec Team’s expert advice is to get the app free and delete it, Apple always allows you to download the app again at anytime. Its also a worth noting that most modern apps have cloud back up, so make sure your signed up on iCloud. The iCloud backup means you can delete any apps and reinstall at anytime without losing your saved games or saved data and settings.












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