How we work

Here is a description of how we conduct work on your behalf.

We are primarily a repair workshop.

Specialising in computer repair, this includes both software and hardware desktops and laptops from major manufactures including Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo & Toshiba Etc.

What is it that we don't do?

We support our customers, however we are not equipped to repair certain IT related equipment or find such repairs not in the interest of customer. This includes Phones, Tablets, monitors, TVs, CCTV, Radio equipment and some gaming laptops.

What do we sell?

We are not really a shop, we therefore do not stock items for sale, we supply parts for unique repair projects only. We also can supply unique IT goods tailored to your individual needs.

Advice, support & you

We aim to provide accurate advice and support to all our customers. We intend to to provide an unbiased truthful service. In hope to build confidence, for us making money is not our first goal, support and long term customer loyalty is.

Can we come to you?

Yes is the short answer, however this approach is expensive for our customers. Our goal is to save you money, we therefore suggest you come to us. For example onsite repairs will be charged by the hour, in our workshop we have only one fixed engineers fee (even if it takes many hours). We also are unable to offer No Fix No Fee on site.

Free Diagnostics - is it really free?

As a business we obviously need to charge customers in order to be a viable business. We do not charge anything for diagnostics. This service is on the basis that by using it one would be agreeing to be charged if we repair or solve the issue, subject to a satisfactory quote, or fixing during the diagnostic process.

No Fix, No Fee - what does that mean?

Often misleading this means that once we have found an issue that is not repairable (everything is repairable), normally this means a repair is uneconomical, parts are no longer available etc. We will not charge anything.


Your local technology experts, we pride ourselves on a fast, effective and economical solution to any IT issues you might have.

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