Terms Agreed On Using Our Services

In bringing my device for maintenance or repair with Tec Team , I understand and agree to the following:

Damage & Condition

Tec Team does not accept responsibility for any previous damage to my device or peripheral devices. I am responsible for making note the condition and accept Tec Team are not liable for any changes in the condition unless Tec Team have been negligent.

Data & Backups

Tec Team does not accept responsibility for backing up any data or installed software that may be on my device. I am responsible for making sure that any critical data is backed up before bringing my device to Tec Team. 


When I drop off my device the Tec Team technician will give me an estimated cost of repair or maintenance. 
If this estimate changes, the technician will notify me at the phone number given (we reserve the right to change an estimate) when possible. 

Repair charges

I understand that when I bring in my system for repair and/or work that I will be charged a minimum of our engineers fee on the device. Any further work needed will be quoted. 
If no repairs were possible or repairs where parts were not used failed to fix the issues described Tec Team will not charge.

Lost Property

When I pick up my PC, I will make sure that I also pick up all peripheral devices and media, and I will not hold Tec Team responsible for the subsequent loss of any items that I may leave behind unless Tec Team have been negligent.

Out of our control

I understand that in the event of theft/fire/flood damage that although the device will be replaced. Tec Team cannot insure against data loss. Data is my responsibility. 

Its Worst than we thought

Tec Team cannot be held responsible for further faults found during diagnosis and repair, we will contact you and discuss if additional issues arise. If necessary the PC will be returned as received should you not wish to proceed with the repair. 


On collection I have checked the equipment and agree that it is in satisfactory state as when it was left with Tec Team if possible I do understand some repairs can make cosmetic perfection impossible and that other repairs by there nature may change the look or feel of my device.

Leave it to us

I understand that if I fail to collect my device(s) after 12 months Tec Team have all rights of ownership and can recycle any item(s) left. In return Tec Team will ensure secure data destruction.


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