Making Payment

Sorry we have no credit facilities

Card Payments

Card payments are accepted unto the value of £300, this includes Debit & Credit Cards, AMEX, Apple Pay or similar.

Paying remotely

Payment via text payment links is available, card payments over the phone is limited for security reasons. BAC's and Direct Debit are other methods of payments.

Cash payments

We still accept cash and provide you with a full receipt.

Can I get an invoice for my purchase?

Till receipts are provided for all our counter services, anything non counter will be invoiced.

Credit terms

We offer noncredit nor are we licensed to do so.

Business invoices

Most businesses, schools, colleges, hospitals etc. that use our services pay by invoice. Note we are not VAT registered. Invoices should be paid as per the dates on the said invoice.

I've lost my receipt

Please get in touch we can provide a copy at no cost.


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