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5 Ways Facebook Can Help Your Business

5 Ways Facebook Can Help Your Business

Do you already have a Facebook page for your business?  If you do, great!  But do you know how to get the most out of your Facebook page? And if your business doesn’t have one yet, get on it!

Tec Team Ltd that we use to connect with clients and colleagues around the world. It has been a vital tool for our support and marketing. But there are so many more reasons why Facebook is important. Here are 5 simple ways that Facebook can help your business grow:

1) Express your business’ personality

It’s a fact- people do more business with business they know and trust.  Your Facebook page is not limited to posting new announcements and events; it shows your business’ personality!

By posting pictures, information and status updates shows you’re not just any business.  Interaction with your customers and fans on Facebook is on a more personal level, thus people will get to know the business and gain its trust.

2) Get to know your Customers

These fan pages are designed for your customers and fans.  Not only can you post to your fan page, others can too.  When fans post comments, pictures, “check-in” to your location or even “like” things that you post, this allows you to truly get to know your fans.

You now have an inside view of how your customer thinks and be sure to take into consideration the feedback they give you.  This interaction is crucial in how you operate and how your business can grow.

3) New Customers can Find your Business

Many of your future customers are going to head to a search engine to find someone in their area that does the type of work that you do.

Having a Facebook page will increase the chances that your business will be found.  Your business’ Facebook page will also be indexed in search engine databases, ready for the next search to be conducted.

4) Promote What’s Happening

Have an event coming up?  What about a special promotion?  Post it on Facebook.  Include pictures, information and more to help spread the word about what’s happening!

Want to spend a little cash?  Facebook offers ad space which can be seen by its 750 million users – half of which login each day.

5) Expand your Marketing and Advertising …for Free!

Facebook pages are free, so is increasing your marketing and advertising plan on Facebook.  More advertising and marketing leads to more new customers and increased sales numbers.

Facebook pages enable you to expand your page by adding features and apps for free.  You can connect your business website to your Facebook page, track the visits to your page, add discussion boards and more.

The Facebook for Business page will show you how effective Facebook marketing is and how to easy it is to put together. While you’re there, head to the Tec Team Ltd.

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