Get a boost !

Quite often our customers feel their computer has had it’s day. “It’s time for a new one I think” they say, sometimes they bring in a new one that’s actually worst spec then their old one! Another option is to upgrade.

What can you upgrade?

It depends on your computer and your needs. You may want better energy efficiency, faster storage, more storage, more ram for multi tasking. What you want may not be possible, it comes down to your computer and budget. Tec Team offer a FREE no obligation diagnostics/quote for you. Our upgrades are done risk free, if we recommend an upgrade and you don’t see the difference, we will offer a full refund and retrofit.

What could speed up my computer?

Most slow computers are slow due to bottlenecks, these need to be identified by an experienced tech expert. Newer computers now are mostly equipped with SSD storage which is a massive speed difference from tradition mechanical hard disk storage. SSD upgrades are very common way of extending the life of your computer, sometimes even out performing a new computer. 

  • Storage

    Change the drive, more storage and/or faster.

  • No Freezing

    Upgrades prevent stalling & freezing computers.

  • Expert Eye

    Expert recommendation, get the right upgrade for you.

Common upgrades

Apple iMac Drive Replacement

Apple changed the drives on all their MacBooks to flash storage over 10 years ago, the iMac was rather late to that party and suffer from slow drives. We can change the storage drive to SSD for a huge performance gain that this great Apple desktop deserves.

OS Drive

Moving your operating system to SSD can be daunting, your settings, programs & data. Expert ¬†migration to faster storage means you needn’t lose anything. Your computer will start up in seconds, definitely before you get chance to even put the kettle on.

Get the upgrade your computer deserves.

Buying a new computer,
is not always necessary.

  • Faster

  • No Freezing

  • No waiting

  • Save money

  • Better for the environment

How much will it cost?

We have a set engineers fee, then its down to the cost of the parts needed to complete the upgrade. Don't worry we will give an all inclusive price.

What's the warranty?

All parts supplied have different warranty, unlike some of our competitors we pass the warranty time to you and deal with any warranty claims on your behalf.

What if it's not possible to upgrade my computer?

Not much, you have to decide if a new computer is for you. Unfortunately we see more of this with modern computers, we advise be careful when purchasing new computers. As long as you know that it's not going to be possible to upgrade that might be OK.


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