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One to One Training

Our “one2one” scheme allows delegates to book an instructor all to themselves. There are of course many advantages to arranging a non-scheduled course, apart from being the only delegate in attendance, enabling you to focus exclusively on your priorities.

Course Pace

Invariably on a scheduled training course, there will be delegates of varying ability which can have an impact on the pace of a course. In most cases the lecturer can accommodate this to some extent, but Tec Team ensures that the course runs at the pace as dictated by you alone. You may already be knowledgeable in some areas so just a quick refresher is needed to allow you to move quickly on to the areas of most importance to you. Likewise, you may be a complete novice that wants to take a little longer on certain areas to ensure that you have understood. You wont be frustrated by those that want to work at a faster or slower pace to you.


Tec Team‘s one2one enables you to tailor a course to your specific requirements. You may need the training for a specific project or task that you need to accomplish in the work place. By discussing your requirements with one of our Technology Experts before hand, the course can be tailored to fit your exact requirements, working through specific examples or areas relevant to your own environment.


You decide what topics you need to training on and over what time scale. This gives you the ability therefore to cherry-pick subject areas of most relevance to you, the depth of coverage of course being determined by the length of time you desire. This is ideal where courses may be broken down for example to: Introduction; Intermediate; Advanced. You could potentially just cover a select few topics from each level, skipping any that you are already knowledgeable in or deem irrelevant. You may not necessarily have this level of flexibility on a scheduled course.

Value for Money

The daily rate is naturally higher on a Tec Team one2one course, but with one to one tuition you will get more out of the course, possibly in a shorter time-scale that is more convenient to you.

As a guide, the per-delegate daily rate for Tec Team’s one2one courses starts at £195 for the less technical courses, but this may vary if you are covering subject areas that require more than one set of course materials. We have many options available and can provide set price’s that include course materials, refreshments, and lunch, just the same as delegates attending our scheduled courses.

Multiple Delegates

Tec Team’s one2one is also ideal if you have 1-3 delegates that need the same training.

Corporate Training Services

We provide a comprehensive service covering a wide range of software programs and have an impressive client list.

We can run courses for groups, half day modules, overviews, workshops/clinics, conversions and one-to-one sessions. We can also create courses, notes and manuals for bespoke or in-house programs.

Tec Team can work closely with IT, MS and HR departments acting as their training arm. We can even take care of course administration.

Features of our training services:


We supply a complete training package a tailored to your companies requirements.

Tailored content

Courses for groups with content, examples and exercises tailored for company or department.

Optimised for you

    • Short duration one-to-one sessions for senior executives
    • Half day job related modules with relevant topics
    • Management overviews

Value added services

  • Floorwalkers to provide ‘at the desk’ support
  • Departmental IT use and knowledge analysis and report
  • Questionnaires to identify skill level and training needs
  • Personalised step-by-step course notes and quick reference guides
  • Telephone support
  • Course administration
  • Specialists in creating courses, guides, notes and manuals for bespoke or in-house programs
  • Support Services





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