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Angry Birds Seasons FREE For A Limited Time – Download

Angry Birds Seasons FREE For A Limited Time – Download

This week Rovio is giving away free copies of Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Seasons HD for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as the free iTunes App Of The Week, as well as on Android through the Google Play Store. Now why would Rovio give away free, full copies of another Angry Birds title? Is this a plan to sell more mighty eagles? Perhaps, but Rovio is also taking this opportunity to promote their new game.

With the most recent version of Angry Birds Seasons, when you select a season to play, the first thing you will see is a big promotional button for Amazing Alex. The button links to a Facebook page, which says “Amazing Alex story unveiled soon. Stay tuned.” The point of the button is to get Amazing Alex in front of the eyes of everyone who plays Angry Birds Seasons.

While this is the kind of advertisement I like, the kind where I get something out of it, like a free full game of Angry birds, I wonder how I would feel about the ad if I hadn’t held off on Seasons. Since the app store doesn’t distinguish between customers who bought the game at full price and customers who snag it this week, someone who paid to play the game without ads is still going to see the promotional sticker for the next game.

Then again, Rovio updates their games with tons of free content. Angry Birds Seasons launched with 45 levels in 2011, and currently has 302, all accessible if you have the game.

Download Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone and iPod Touch – FREE this week! (iTunes App Store Link)

Download Angry Birds Seasons HD for iPad – FREE this week! (iTunes App Store Link)

Download Angry Birds Seasons for Android – FREE! (Google Play Store Link)

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