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Located on Ebrington Street Opposite WYB & the Bread & Roses Tec Team is an independent and family run business. We are dedicated to providing a excellent customer experience.

No Fix No Fee

We will never charge for a repair that was unsuccessful, this excludes our water damage cleaning service.

Free Diagnostics

We do not charge for diagnostic works on Apple or PC Laptops and Desktops, including internal parts.

Worry Free Trusted Service

Tec Team is a member of the local council Buy With Confidence scheme.

iMac Repair Plymouth

We specialise in repairs for all computers, the Apple iMac requires expertise and we are proud to have the experience and expertise to perform these repairs to both new and vintage Apple iMac in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

Macbook Repair Plymouth

We specialise in repairs for all computers, the Apple Macbook Pro Laptop requires expertise and we are proud to have the experience and expertise to perform these repairs to both new and vintage Apple Mac book laptops in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

Laptop Repair Plymouth

Not all laptops are the same, at Tec Team we have worked on many types and all the brands including Apple, Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba & Sony Vaio. We repair and upgrade them everyday for customers in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall.

PC Repair Plymouth

Not all PC’s are the same, at Tec Team we have worked on many types and all the brands including Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba & Sony Vaio. We repair and upgrade them everyday for customers in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall.


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A Tec Team You Can Trust Tue, 30 Jun 2015 14:18:27 +0000 Trusted IT Support Services

Tec Team Plymouth (Tech Team Repairs Limited) are proud to announce that we have now trusted by our local Trading Standards Office at Plymouth City Council. This means we have the correct procedures in place to deal with customer complaints, but most importantly our procedures have passed. This means you can be assured that your consumer rights as customer at Tec Team are not in doubt. Its always been our aim to provide service over profit, thats why we have a ever growing customer base.

Paying for Tec Team Services

We are also proud to announce today that we now accept Apple Pay as well as American Express, Visa and MasterCard, its unfortunate that we must pass on any charges for these payment methods, We apologise for this but our reasoning is that we want to keep all our customers paying less for their repairs and support.

Terms and Conditions

1 – Tec Team does not accept responsibility for any previous damage to my device or peripheral devices. I am responsible for making note the condition and accept Tec Team are not liable for any changes in the condition unless Tec Team have been negligent.

2 – Tec Team does not accept responsibility for backing up any data or installed software that may be on my device. I am responsible for making sure that any critical data is backed up before bringing my device to Tec Team.

3 - When I drop off my device the Tec Team technician will give me an estimate of when the repair or maintenance will be finished. 
If this estimate changes, the technician will notify me at the phone number listed above (we reserve the right to change an estimate).

4 - I understand that when I bring in my system for repair and/or work that I will be charged a minimum of 1-hour work (£45) on the device. Any further work needed will be quoted. 
If no repairs were possible or repairs where parts were not used failed to fix the issues described Tec Team will not charge.

5 - When I pick up my PC, I will make sure that I also pick up all peripheral devices and media, and I will not hold Tec Team responsible for the subsequent loss of any items that I may leave behind unless Tec Team have been negligent.

6 - I understand that in the event of theft/fire/flood damage that although the device will be replaced Tec Team cannot insure against data loss. Data is my responsibility.

7 - Tec Team cannot be held responsible for further faults found during diagnosis and repair, we will contact you and discuss if additional issues arise. If necessary the PC will be returned as received should you not wish to proceed with the repair.

9 – On collection I have checked the equipment and agree that it is in satisfactory state as when it was left with Tec Team if possible I do understand some repairs can make cosmetic perfection impossible and that other repairs by there nature may change the look or feel of my device.

Complaints Procedure

We are committed to ensuring that complaints will be investigated quickly, fully and fairly. Our customers must be confident that we take complaints seriously and feel that they are able to make a complaint with ease and that during any investigation, our customers are listened to, respected and kept informed at all times. Any deficiency in our working practices found following the investigation of a complaint will be acted upon as soon as possible.

The majority of matters can be dealt with as they arise by the staff concerned. However, where a complaint is not resolved in this way the matter will be brought to the attention of Mr S Briggs.

A record will be made of the complaint and (NAME) will, with the assistance of any other relevant member of staff, address and resolve the problem, completing the complaints log at that time.

A written acknowledgement of the receipt of the complaint will be sent to the customer within 14 working days, then a full response as soon as is practicably possible following the investigation process.

A record will be kept of all complaints which will include full details of the investigation and any action taken.

The following information will be recorded:

  1. The Complaint number.
  2. Name and address of the complainant/customer.
  3. Date of receipt of complaint and acknowledgement date.
  4. Details of the complaint.

5.   Details of action taken with dates and by whom.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution offered, they will be advised to put the complaint in writing to Trading Standards, Civic Centre, Plymouth, PL1 2AA

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Starwars Force Awakens 2015 Compared with Starwars A New Hope 1977 Fri, 17 Apr 2015 15:33:03 +0000 starwars-before-after-2015

Teaser Trailer 2 Starwars The Force Awakens 2015

Well we have just watched the new Starwars force awakens trailer see below. We had to make some comparisons with the original Starwars A new Hope, not our favourite Starwars that is reserved for Empire Strikes Back of course.

Here is the trailer known as teaser 2.

Original Trailer for Starwars A New Hope 1977

How things have changed, real 70′s voice over.

The comparison is somewhat amusing we feel, it certainly made for some entertainment in the Tec Team offices and workshop in Ebrington Street Plymouth today. Back to work repairing laptops and computers. PS we love chewy ….”chewy noise..”

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Free Computer Diagnostics Thu, 26 Feb 2015 17:19:57 +0000 Yes its Free !

Getting a idea of whats wrong with your PC laptop, Apple or PC desktop can be expensive with some of Tec Team Plymouth’s competitors, our policy is No Fix, No Fee and free diagnostics.


So you know where to bring your computer, Tec Team Plymouth on the busy independant Ebrington Street. No appointment necessary just bring your computer to us and we will do the hard work of telling you whats wrong and provide an no obligation quote for repair.


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Apple Watch Drops Fitness & Health Features Tue, 17 Feb 2015 12:09:57 +0000 Before Apple unveiled the Apple Watch last September, reports indicated the device would come with 10 sensors to track health and fitness data, leading some healthcare professionals to find the unveiled Apple Watch’s health features disappointing. In a new report, The Wall Street Journal offers a look at the original Apple Watch health features that were dropped due to consistency problems.

Apple began developing the watch about four years ago, with a focus on health and fitness. It’s not unusual for Apple to experiment with many technologies or shift focus during product development, but the watch was especially challenging, people familiar with the matter said. Internally, the project became known as a “black hole” sucking in resources, one of these people said.

The Apple Watch originally featured sensors that measured the conductivity of skin, allowing the device to detect stress levels and heart-rate monitoring similar to an electrocardiogram, also known as an EKG. Apple also experimented with ways to detect blood pressure or how much oxygen is in a user’s blood. However, a mix of consistency problems and potential oversight caused Apple to switch the focus of the device from health-related to a more general do-everything product.

The skin conductivity features didn’t perform well with people who had hairy arms or dry skin, while results varied depending on how tight an Apple Watch was worn on users’ wrists. Additionally, if Apple decided to use the health data to provide “health or behavioral advice”, the Cupertino company would have to seek approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other regulators.

While these features were dropped for the first version of the Apple Watch, sources tell the WSJ that they could appear in future versions of the device, echoing a Reuters report from September.

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company’s objective with Apple Watch is to “change the way people live their lives” and that people would be surprised by the breadth of what the device can do, which includes activity monitoring, reminding users to stand up after a certain time period, and non-verbal communication with friends. Apple is currently asking developers to have their Apple Watch apps ready by mid-February, with some developers traveling to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters for help.

Cook has confirmed the Apple Watch will launch in April. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple will make five to six million units for the first quarter, with half of those units being the entry Apple Watch Sport and one-third being the mid-tier stainless-steel Apple Watch. At Tec Team in Plymouth we are still not convinced that the watch is for us, but we do repair The Apple iPhone and Apple iPad and aim to continue in our workshop on  Ebrington Street in Plymouth, Devon.

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Audi A5 Sportback Black Edition Plus 2015 in Daytona Grey – Delivery Wed, 04 Feb 2015 17:16:32 +0000  







Click to enlarge










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Free Gift Voucher Worth £55 this December Wed, 03 Dec 2014 12:30:02 +0000 Tec Team Plymouth are proud to announce a gift for all our December customers.

For any customers who get their computer, laptop, desktop or PC serviced in our Ebrington Street, Plymouth workshop, we are giving away for free a gift voucher worth £55 which is valid until 28 Febuary 2015 and can be used for another service.

A gift worth £55 is worth giving to someone special

So you have had your PC serviced, you must have a friend you can give a very special gift to this Christmas, maybe a family member who is suffering from a slow computer or maybe its infected with viruses and malware.

Our gift to you will spread the spirit of giving this Christmas

This is without doubt our biggest promotion but like you we like to give, we love our customers and would like you to tell your friends about our great service. What better way to introduce them to Tec Team with a free gift voucher worth £55.


Its simple, bring in a PC for service in December or purchase a Voucher for a PC service in December and like and share this post on Facebook (here). We will then provide a printed Gift Voucher for you to give as a gift this Christmas.

Merry Christmas



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Apple Announces Eighth Annual iTunes Festival in London Mon, 21 Jul 2014 11:09:14 +0000 iTunes Festival Returns to the Legendary Roundhouse for 30 Days with the World’s Biggest Artists Including Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams, Beck, Sam Smith, Blondie, Kylie, David Guetta, 5 Seconds of Summer, Calvin Harris, Chrissie Hynde & Many More

LONDON―July 21, 2014―Apple® today announced that Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams, Beck, Sam Smith, Blondie, Kylie, David Guetta, 5 Seconds of Summer, Calvin Harris, Chrissie Hynde and many more of the world’s biggest artists will be headlining this year’s iTunes® Festival. Returning to the UK for an eighth year―following a week of incredible live performances in March at SXSW―the iTunes Festival will feature over 60 acts throughout September at the legendary Roundhouse. iTunes performances can be watched live or on-demand by millions of iOS users around the world on their iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® and iTunes on their computer or in stunning HD with Apple TV®. Tickets are free for competition winners only.

“The iTunes Festival in London is back with another stunning line-up of world class performers and tremendous new acts,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. “These live shows capture the heart and soul of iTunes and we love bringing them to our customers in the Roundhouse, as well as to the millions of people watching all over the world for free.”

Music fans from across the world can win tickets to the iTunes Festival through competitions run by local media partners. In the UK, fans can win tickets by entering ballots on iTunes, as well as through select media partners including Global Radio and the London Evening Standard.

Since the inaugural Festival at London’s Institute for Contemporary Arts in 2007, over 430 artists have performed in front of more than 430,000 fans and tens of millions more online and on-demand. Now in its eighth year, the iTunes Festival has played host to performers including Adele, Coldplay, Elton John, Foo Fighters, Justin Timberlake, Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Muse, Sir Paul McCartney and many, many more.

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad. At Tec Team we provide local level computer support built on trust in the Plymouth area, we of course support Apple products, and repair Apple computers and laptops. Due to high levels of work we at Tec Team will not be able to attend the festival however we will watch the highlights that are streamed free on Apple’s Apple TV set top box which has recently been discounted.

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BT wins Supreme Court ruling over mobile network charges Sat, 12 Jul 2014 13:22:49 +0000 Ruling over prices on 08 numbers could mean UK operators are forced to pay back tens of millions of pounds.
BT is set to make a multimillion pound windfall after securing a court ruling forcing mobile operators to pay extra for 0800 and 0845 numbers.
The Supreme Court unanimously ruled against an appeal filed by the parent companies of Vodafone, EE, Three and O2, who were trying to block changes to the pricing of calls from “non-geographic” 08 numbers.
A BT statement said: “We will now start proceedings to recover the money that has been refunded to the mobile operators since the Court of Appeal ruling. We will also be pursuing claims for further termination charges subsequent to that ruling.
“Such pricing was designed to benefit U.K. consumers by incentivizing the mobile operators to lower their retail prices.”
Initially, Ofcom ruled that BT’s ladder pricing could have a negative affect on consumers after it was challenged by the mobile operators. This decision was overturned by the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) who said Ofcom had no right to intervene in an unregulated market.
The CAT decision challenged in 2012 but today the Supreme Court definitively ruled in favour of BT’s right to structure its own tariffs. In their ruling, the court said that Ofcom had taken the incorrect approach when making the initial decision.
A statement from Vodafone on the ruling said: “We note the decision of the Supreme Court today and will be reviewing the judgement in more detail before making further submissions regarding implementation of the judgement when the time comes.”

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UK-led global collaboration targets Shylock malware Fri, 11 Jul 2014 12:11:11 +0000 Partnership between different national intelligence groups and private security firms will target key systems behind virus’ operation

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has pooled together the resources of various national law enforcement bodies and private sector organisations as part of a collaboration to combat the Shylock Trojan virus. The partnership strategy is claimed to be a first for a UK-based law enforcement organisation.

To target the malicious Shylock software, used by criminals to steal from bank accounts, the NCA has announced it is working with international organisations such as Europol, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the German Federal Police (BKA).

Private companies including BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Dell SecureWorks and Kaspersky Lab will also be involved in efforts to tackle the virus, which is estimated to have infected at least 30,000 computers around the world running the Windows operating system.

The NCA said Shylock – named after a character in William Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ due to code within the malware containing excerpts from the play – is believed to have targeted more computers in the UK than any other nation, according to intelligence.

Developers of the malware are suspected of being based outside the country, the NCA added.

An NCA spokesperson said the malware is designed to target individual systems security weaknesses rather than the IT of larger organisations, but called on public sector workers to be vigilant at an individual and organisational level of the virus’ threat.

Shylock is typically downloaded onto systems where users unwittingly click on malicious links without realising their system may be compromised. Once downloaded, the malware works to access funds from business or personal accounts and transfers them to criminal controllers.

The NCA, alongside the UK’s intelligence agency GCHQ, will be taking part in global efforts to disrupt systems vital to Shylock’s operation, such as by seizing servers forming the command and control system for the virus. The collaboration will also be focused on tackling domains Shylock uses to communicate between infected computers.

According to the NCA, the collaboration is being coordinated from Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol in The Hague. Investigators from the NCA, FBI and other counterparts in the Netherlands, Turkey and Italy will each be working from their respective countries in collaboration with Germany, Poland and France to target the virus.

Andy Archibald, deputy director of the NCA’s National Cyber Crime Unit said of the collaboration, “the NCA is coordinating an international response to a cyber crime threat to businesses and individuals around the world.

“This phase of activity is intended to have a significant effect on the Shylock infrastructure, and demonstrates how we are using partnerships across sectors and across national boundaries to cut cyber crime impacting the UK.

“We continue to urge everybody to ensure their operating systems and security software are up to date.”
Europol’s EC3 head Troels Oerting meanwhile welcomed international collaboration on trying to tackle the infrastructure behind such “sophisticated malware”.

“EC3 has provided a unique platform and operational rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and secure communication means, as well as cyber analysts and cyber experts,” Oerting has said.

Source central government computing news

Plymouth Malware & Virus Support

If you have any suspicion that you have an infection on your PC or Apple MAC then get in touch with your Plymouth based computer experts located on Ebrington Street.


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